Rafting museum

In the tourist village Javnik there is also a Rafting museum, which is also a part of the story.

There is the home of the king of the Drava rafters – Franc Šarman. Eleven rafters in the family Šarman earned their living on the Drava and Danube River. Two of them unfortunately found their wet grave in the mighty river.

In 2000 we joined forces together with municipality PODVELKA and the mayor, Mr. KOVŠE Anton, the Regional Museum Slovenj Gradec, expert and former principle, Mr. MACUH Peter, young graduate, Maja KANOP, the owner of Rafting Museum – grandson of Franja ŠARMAN, and others, and we renewed and revive the images from the past and put them on display.

Interesting placement of the museum collection in the intact nature and on the embankment of Drava River itself, with the layout of the rooms as they once served, conjures today the beat of those times.

In the wonderful Drava valley, where the rafter’s jubilance is heard for centuries, the Drava River runs idly. The raft calls you and promises us, that the heart sings and the soul rests. In the accordion’s rhythm it is heard as one voice – “let’s wander one more, home we don’t go!"